Who We Are

FMS Franchise Real Estate is a culture founded on more than 20 years of experience in the franchise development industry that extends around the globe. Chris Conner founded FMS with the vision to support new and existing franchisors from end to end and be able to provide the resources necessary to build an effective growth strategy.  FMS Franchise Real Estate's success has been derived from its rich history in franchising in combination with its ongoing innovation and cutting-edge innovation. FMS is dedicated to delivering results that help you scale your business.



At FMS Franchise Real Estate our team is a vibrant mosaic of expertise, dedication, and collaborative spirit. With a shared passion for unlocking the potential of every property, we bring a diverse array of backgrounds—seasoned industry veterans, innovative strategists, and dynamic market analysts—to the table. Each member embodies our commitment to excellence, leveraging their unique skills and insights to craft tailored solutions for our clients. Together, we form an unstoppable force, driven by a collective vision to redefine the landscape of commercial real estate through integrity, ingenuity, and unwavering client focus.