Franchise Real Estate Services

FMS Franchise Real Estate provides commercial real estate consulting services for franchisors and franchisees. The FMS Tenant Representation services team works for you on your behalf every step of the way. FMS analyzes your needs and business goals, helps you evaluate the options through financial and market analysis and, unlike others, we don’t stop pushing when the lease is signed, and our clients consistently say that we continue to add value after the deal is done. Our team focuses on exactly what your business needs are, and we make sure that your needs are a priority.

Industry Success

Our success in the Franchise industry has been proven and our team understands the Franchise needs, requirements, timelines, budgets, and we have created the most comprehensive strategy combined with a results-oriented attitude to execute our protocols consistently daily to ensure the success of our franchisees and franchisers. We have state-of-the-art software to keep all parties updated on a daily and weekly basis and this streamlines communication with the franchiser, franchisee, and strategic partners involved in the rollout of your site.